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Story of Ellen's Kimchi
아랑이 사랑
When I was a little girl in Korea, my grandmother passed on her family Kimchi recipe. Her original recipe has been slightly changed for a healthier choice (pears replaced sugar and sweet rice porridge) and convenience (food processor replaced endless chopping, mincing and grinding) but her love is definitely passing on through this lovely fermented dish. There are over 100 different types of Kimchi originated from different regions & families of Korea. Ellen's Kimchi is originated from Seoul, the capital of Korea where I was born and raised.
Kimchi became our staple food because I started making and eating Kimchi to heal myself; to feed myself and my loved ones with balanced nutrition everyday without having to take unnecessary synthetic supplements. Throughout the launch of Ellen's Kimchi, I learned that the act of making Kimchi is a meditation. It is constantly rewarding because my creation is consumed by people I love. Ellen's Kimchi is made with local organic produce; we get to support local sustainable agriculture while enjoying this delicious and holistic superfood.

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