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Make your own Kimchi
a perfect side dish for every meal!

Picking the right ingredients for Kimchi is half of the battle. You can find most of the stuff from your local grocery 
stores. For vegan recipe, you can substitute salted shrimp with fermented soybean paste and kelp powder. You can use spice grinder to make fine powdered kelp. If Kelp is not finely powdered, you may not like the way it looks later. Kosher salt or bulk sea salt can be found in almost any store. The salt is the most important ingredient in Kimchi, it's almost sacred. Select your salt wisely (white, coarse and dry). 
You can stock up on pantry items like sea salt, Korean Chili Powder (Go-chu-gah-roo) and salted shrimp (or Kelp + bean paste for vegan recipe). You can buy these in bulk and they will last you for a few years.  

Create your own Fermentation Bliss

What you have:
•Cutting Board
•Food processor (or grater)
•Largest bowl
•Mason jars
•Napkin, Twine & Pen (optional)

What you need:
•Napa cabbage 5lb [65%]
•Radish (10%)
•Asian Pear or Apple (5%)
•Green Onions (5%) 
•Garlic 10 : Ginger 1 (5%)
•Chili Powder (4%)
•Sea Salt (3%)
•Salted Shrimp (3%) for Spicy Original 
OR Fermented Korean Soybean Paste (2%) + Fine Kelp Power (1%) for Vegan

Ellen's Kimchi has carrots and pear instead of sugar or other additives.

Make Your Own Essential Nutrients:
Making Kimchi is like creating a small jar of life. For the next each of 10 steps, breathe in and think about those you love, especially yourself. Imagine everyone in your life who would benefit from the love you will put in this Kimchi.

  1. Brine: Cut napa cabbage from root toward leaf half way. You can pull it apart with your fingers so you don't put knife through tender leaves. In a tub, spread each leaf and sprinkle salt toward thick stem. Be gentle with tender leafy parts. Salting process is important because it will determine how fast (slow) the cabbage will ferment.  You can add some salted water on to salted cabbages set root side down. This is to speed up the process but not necessary if you're leaving it in fridge overnight.    
  2. Leave the cabbage salted for about 4 hours in room temperature or overnight in  your fridge. If the thickest white part of cabbage feels wilted, cabbage is ready. If not, you need to wait longer. Move them around after 4 hours so the salt can mix around the cabbage well. 
  3. After 4 hours, rinse the cabbage in a large tub of  water (you can save this super salty water to rinse radish, carrots, green onions to wash off dirt and impurities). Gently squeeze water out and drain in a large colander. Careful not to damage tender leaves. You want as little water as possible since cabbage will keep oozing out water until it's completely fermented. 
  4. Run a food processor and add in order of garlic, ginger and ½ of Asian pear cut and cored, 3 table spoons of salted shrimp and 5 table spoons of red chili powder. Use a fine grater if you don't have a food processor. 
  5. Chop green onions, radish and carrots into small pieces. I like to cut my radish into little triangles and carrots into match sticks. I like carrots as thin as possible (almost shredded) in Kimchi as its texture is denser than other veggies. Carrots are optional. 
  6. After cabbage is well drained, cut it into bite size squares.
  7. Now you mix everything: veggies, cabbage and the puree...use your hands to make sure the sauce is coated thoroughly  on vegetables. Wear plastic gloves to protect your hands from spicy red chili powder. Be gentle with leafy parts and massage until vegetable is well coasted. 
  8. Stuff it in a jar, push with your fist until it's well packed but do not over stuff, fill up just under the rim. Write down your wishes on the napkin. Seal the jar tightly and wrap napkin on the lid and tie it up with twine. 
  9. Place the jar in a cool corner for 2 days in room temperature (68F° / 20C°) for fermentation to begin! When the bubbles are formed and it tastes slightly sour, it is ready to be refrigerated (41F° / 5C°).
  10. Face each jar of Kimchi you made and picture yourself and your loved ones enjoying your labor of love.

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