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Ellen's Kimchi sources all of its fresh vegetables and fruits directly from a few selected local small farms that are within 100 miles from San Francisco (CCOF), delivered fresh every week.

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In Korean, kim means salt and chi means vegetable. We buy our salt from San Francisco Salt Company. Check out its complete fact sheet. The quality of salt determines the quality and taste of fermented vegetables. Make sure it is well sun-dried and not processed with added iodine. 

Growing organic produce without pesticide and fertilizer requires a lot more sweat and love. I found out many farmers stopped growing organic napa cabbages because of its relatively harder labor and lower marginal return. 

Why Organic? Business Recorder writes, "The term conventional farming system, when used in the context of organic farming is referred to a production system which employs a full range of pre- and post-plant tillage practices (e.g. disk plowing, cultivation), synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; and it is characterized by a high degree of crop specialization. By contrast, organic farming is characterized by a diversity of crops with no chemical and pesticides used."

Kimchi is mostly napa cabbage (65%) and is mostly water and its nutrients oozing out of vegetables over time. If I will be drinking the juice of my vegetables, they must be free of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. What can be the best method to grow my vegetables big and juicy naturally? I tried to farm cabbages myself and I failed trice because I could not stop them from getting eaten away by worms, bugs, birds... Organic brand of natural repellent does not work against weeds, birds, critters and whatever chomps on my juicy cabbages. 
When I was 10 years old, I visited my grandparents when they briefly lived in a farm village of Korea called Buyeo. I saw wet marshy farm lands with Mugwort (쑥) and  Dropwort (미나리planted as outlines of vegetable and rice fields. They are the natural complementary plants to protect vegetables and rice fields from critters and harmful insects, also often used in my grandmother's spring cooking. Korean Natural Farming   (유기농recommends using natural herbs like Mugwort and Dropwort and Kimchi Juice for healthy farms. Kimchi juice is good for our body and soil.
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