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What is Kimchi? 
Kimchi is raw vegetables that become naturally fermented in puree of fruits, garlic, ginger and Korean spices like red chili powder. Kimchi is a living food like wine and cheese; the older it gets, the deeper its taste develops. Kimchi preserves nutrients, prebiotics that are already in fresh vegetables while it self-generates probiotics. After fermenting a day or two in room temperature (68F° / 20C°), you need to keep it cold for that perfect tangy soda taste. All of the elements in Kimchi are beneficial for our body, especially our intestines that feed our digestive tract, blood stream and brains. Kimchi adds flavors to any type of food; meat, potatoes, noodles, rice, bread, tortillas...anything your heart desires! Kimchi is a zero waste and sustainable supplement to our daily diet. 

Superfood Kimchi
Ellen's Kimchi is made fresh and ready to be served.

Kimchi became our staple food just like it is for many Korean families. It elevates any starchy food like rice, noodles, tortillas, bread and especially meat dish because it cleans up grease in my palate.  

It's crunchy and tangy like Sauerkraut, Kimchi has bolder flavors which stimulates our complex taste bud from its ingredients like garlic, ginger & green onions. These Korean herbal trio remove toxin in Kimchi and in our stomach which is why they are used in most Korean dishes.

What does Fermented Vegetables mean to our body? It basically means you let nature does its work; pre-digest vegetables by creating probiotics, promoting microscopic good guys that exist in Lactobacillus.  It's an ancient method to preserve its live condition (raw) without compromising its quality of the essential nutrients which multiply in room temperature. Keep it cold around 40F for always refreshing bites of fresh vegetables.                                  

Why Kimchi?

It is a superfood; it provides our must-have essential nutrients in every bite. It took me a long time to realize the main source of my happiness starts from good food and love. Among many life style changes I have made, making and eating my own Kimchi improved my overall happiness the most. I believe every cure starts with food made with LOVE. Growing fruits and vegetables without chemical help is extremely labor intensive. Only love can motivate such work like organic farming. When food is made with such love, it can be the best medicine. 
Abstract in the Journal of Medicinal Food: Health functionality of kimchi includes anticancer, antiobesity, anticonstipation, colorectal health promotion, probiotic properties, cholesterol reduction, fibrolytic effect, antioxidative and antiaging properties, brain health promotion, immune promotion, and skin health promotion. 

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